Animal Care

Every Farm Care We Are There

Stanmax Labs is a trusted name in the animal health care products industry. We produce and market a wide range of products for livestock and poultry, all of which have features and advantages that benefit the customer. Our products are reliable and affordable, and we continue to innovate and develop new products to meet the needs of our customers. Stanmax Labs is dedicated to providing the best possible animal health care products, and we remain committed to our customers satisfaction.

Who We Are

STANMAX LABORATORIES PVT LTD is a rapidly growing business in animal welfare division. Being established in 1994 has made great strides in the animal health care segment. since then The company produces and markets a wide range of products for livestock, poultry and companion segments. With a motto of” Every Farm Care We Are There” more details ………….


Stanmax Labs is producing beneficial products to the poultry farmers. Vitamin premixes, Liver tonics, Multi Vitamins, Anti Microbial & Anti Protozooval or a few of them. Immuno Boosters developed by Stanmax Labs makes the poultry farm disease & stress free and interm results into a optimum production capacity.


Stanmax Labs produces a unique combination of cattle caring products like mineral mixtures, calcium suspensions which will help the dairy animal for state of well being and supporting for milch animals, which fulfils the ideal idea of the dairy farmer.

Sheep & Goat

Stanmax Labs is having a very strong hold in anthelmintic segment. A wide range of anthelmintics being manufactured by Stanmax Labs keeps the herd free from all kinds of worm infestations and supports in production of healthy lambs and in wool production. Speciality products designed for the removal of Tape Worms which causes a heavy loss to the flock.


Stanmax Labs views a special focus on Aqua culture to encourage the aqua farmers. Speciality products manufactured by Stanmax Labs includes a unique blend of combinations, combined with Probiotics, Vitamins, essential minerals and immuno boosters……….. which will rise the hopes of a aqua farmer by acquiring a handful of crop with increased counts.


Stanmax Labs produces ideal range of pet products which helps the pet animals in keeping a state of wellbeing. Special products for helminthiosis which is commonly observed in pet animals can be taken care by Stanmax Labs. Supportive products like calcium liquid suspensions and multi vitamins and other supplimentary products are added advantageous to the pet animals.